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We design and make unique high quality furniture and accessories.

From love to design.


coffee table

Exquisite sculpture with tampered glass and small shelf

Oak wood

Beech wood

coffee table

Beautiful sculpture with full table top

Oak wood

Beech wood

side table

Perfect addition to Touchey coffee table or as a standalone night or side table

Oak wood

Beech wood


Flat seat with a slightly angled back-rest

Beech wood


Parametric stand

The parametric stand is an exceptional decorative concept for home interiors, especially the modern ones.

Tealight candle holders

The beautiful vibrant grain of the walnut combined with the light oak contrast, gives them the look you won’t find anywhere else!

Parametric Eyeglasses Stand

 It can be displayed to show your glasses in a stylish way and complete the work environment when it’s not in use.

Parametric Phone Stand

Simple and elegant smartphone stand for your work or home office desk. It can also be used
as business card holder.

Parametric Pen Holder

This pot can be perfect for storing your pens, pencils and other items.
It keeps your work or home office desk organized.

Speaker stands

Are exclusively designed for your speakers, so that they provide an optimal listening experience in stereo setup.
They are made according to your dimensions to be precisely at the ear level.

Monitor stand

Helps you take care of your posture, optimize the workspace and add an extra room for all your favorite accessories. 


Wooden stand with bottles
A gift from the heart for someone special. Set includes a wooden stand with fitted bottles, which are wrapped in photos chosen by you.